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Namwianga radio station was founded in 2009 It started its test Transmission in 2009. Namwianga community Radio station is situated in Kalomo district southern province of Zambia at Namwianga mission 7 kilomters south east of Kalomo district, covering 190 kilometres radius both east, west, north and south.

Our programmes are done in English and Tonga. Our vision is winning souls to Jesus Christ and we make sure our programmes are educative, informative and entertaining bearing in mind our social responbility to the community. Our programming caters for both the children and the elders. We run healthy programmes, Education programmes, Agriculture programmes, Christian programmes, civic programmes and the breakfast show

Namwianga community Radio station do advertisements three times a day, 07:00, 16:00 and 21:00. A client is free to choose from those times in a case where a client wants more than three times a day as stipulated above, the radio is flexible to add more according to the number of slots booked.

In our programming we will always involve the community. Radio Namwianga will be held accountable for the quality of news and information given to the community or the general populace. As Namwianga community radio station we will broadcast news that is truth, factual, unbiased and accurate. Namwianga radio station will always abide to the laws of Zambia in our programming and news, particular the IBA, the penal code and other media laws governing the industry. We shall give equal coverage to all people in our community regardless of tribe, political affiliation and religious beliefs.

  • We shall give prominence to the community news and their voices.
  • We shall produce programmers that are in line with church of Christ doctrine and social teaching of church of Christ.
  • We shall broadcast programmes that are educative, entertaining and informative.
  • We shall broadcast programs in Tonga and English.
  • In an effort to be fair and unbiased in our news, we shall give equal opportunity and platform to all sides to express themselves and the right to reply.
  • We shall be objective and impartial in our reporting.
  • We shall be wary and reject self-serving publicity to avoid compromise our journalistic integrity

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