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Namwianga Mission helps vulnerable children survive and thrive. Children are placed in our care due to a family tragedy, most often the death of their mothers. We work with the local social welfare office to provide the best possible situation for each child. The first line of defense for babies who have lost a mother is the Milk Program. Namwianga supplies formula to more than 50 children who have families who are able to take care of them but need help providing formula.

Families who are unable to care for an infant, or who live where there are no clean water sources for formula preparation, find loving care at The Haven located at Namwianga Mission. Each of the four homes in The Haven operates in a family model with a set of house parents and 10 to 15 children. Our caregivers — called aunties — are vital to the work and provide loving day-to-day care for the children. Each home has a specific purpose. Haven 1 is for infants. Haven 2 is for toddlers. Haven 3 cares for children with medical needs, and the fourth, Eric’s House, is a home for older boys who need a stable family-like environment.

The Haven provides temporary care, and the goal is to transition the children back to family or relatives as soon as possible. Most children are reunited with family members by the time they are 2 years old. The families are encouraged to visit their children at The Haven as often as possible. The children also are taken on visits to their home villages throughout their time at The Haven.

Babies at Namwianga get daily massage, language class and playtime. Because the goal is to return children to their families, their diet, style of play, language and dress at The Haven are strategically planned so that the children will be able to transition more easily to life back at home. We continue to make visits to the children who have returned to their homes, and we help support the families through our Goat Program. Each child is given a goat when they leave The Haven. The goal is for the family to start a herd that will eventually help provide school fees for the children.

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Goat Program

Each child is given a goat when leaving the Haven Homes

Baby Message Parlour

Each child is taken for message every day in Haven Homes

Baby Language Class

Each and every child is given time to learn the language when learning to talk

Milk Program

Each child is put on a milk feeding program as a replacement to human breastfeeding


In case the child has any disability, she or he is put on a physiotherapy program

Back to Home Program

Each child is given a goat when leaving the Haven Homes

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